Enamel tube beads

Tube beads for bracelets

Enamelled tube beads are especially suitable for bracelets made of stitched leather cord or rubber. They fit on cord with diameters up to 5mm. Add fresh and happy colors to your bracelets or necklaces with these quality beads which were designed by and custom-made for Smyks. Now we can offer beads that match our popular enamel coins. Both products, the enamelled coins as well as the tube beads, come with either with a silver-plated or a gold-plated edge.
Visit or blog for inspiration and DIY instructions and learn how to make simple leather bracelets or how to make jewelry with enamel coins. Then you can make your own colourful enamel jewellery set consisting of e.g. a bracelet, a necklace, earrings and a ring.

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