Peridot is a type of semi-precious stone which only exists in shades of green. The intensity of the colour depends on the gemstone's iron content. Peridot can be found across the world and has even been found in meteorites.

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Peridot: a green beauty with protective properties

Peridot, a gemstone with a touch of spring freshness and joy, carries the story of sunlight captured in a gemstone. With its characteristic green color ranging from light to deep, peridot has been admired for centuries as a symbol of strength and happiness.


Historically, peridot was considered a stone that attracts prosperity and success. It was worn by ancient cultures as a protective amulet against evil spirits and envy. Today, peridot is still used in the jewelry industry to create pieces that exude freshness and liveliness.


Peridot's spiritual properties

Holistically, peridot is believed to contain an energy of healing and vitality. It is said to strengthen the connection to the heart and promote a sense of inner peace and balance. Spiritually, peridot is considered a stone that can open the mind to new possibilities and strengthen the connection to the cycles of nature.


Among gemstones, peridot tells a tale of vitality and happiness, a stone that not only adorns but also symbolizes the freshness and strength of spring. A stone that continues to enchant with its vibrant green color, suggesting a deep connection to the energies of nature and inner healing.