Crystal spheres, drops and pendants

Beautiful beads with crystals


These crystal embellished beads, spheres, teardrops and pendants are stunning in necklaces, bracelets and on earstuds.

The term "half-drilled" means that the beads are drilled only halfway through and therefore are provided with only one hole. This type of bead is a perfect decoration for earstuds, rings and and other jewellery findings with a peg. Theoretically, you can also use beads and pearls that are drilled completely through, but in that case there would be one visible hole left. Half-drilled crystal embellished beads can easily be glued on earstuds, rings etc. with ordinary jewelry adhesive.

All our half-drilled sparkling beads have got a relatively large hole, which makes them also suitable for knotted and braided bracelets made with a slightly thicker centre cord.


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