Lapis Lazuli

Beautiful blue lapis lazuli beads with golden sparkles

At Smyks we offer a wide range of beads for jewelry made of genuine lapis lazuli. See the complete assortment below.
Lapis lazuli is known for its intense blue colour and has been a highly appreciated semi-precious stone for thousands of year because of this quality. Tutankhamun had his death mask made of this stone, and during the Renaissance and the Baroque period it played a major role, as its pigment were used to colour for example the clothes of the Virgin Mary or the headscarf of the “Girl with the Pearl Earring” in Johannes Vermeer’s famous painting.
The pearls here are genuine Lapis stones, but all are color enhanced to some degree. This means that the original stone has been varnished, dyed or heat treated to obtain the classic deep blue color. The color usually does not contaminate under normal use, but for a safety reason, just wipe the beads with a damp cloth at reception.

For inspiration and DIY guides on jewelry with lapis lazuli beads or other gemstones, please go to Smyks' DIY Jewelry blog.


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