Many of the well-known semi-precious stones belong to the quartz family – for example rose quartz, smoky quartz, citrine and amethyst.

Here you find beads made of the pure quartz, also known under the names of clear quartz, rock quartz, mountain quartz or berg crystal. This natural variety is completely colourless and translucent. Try for example to make a pair of earrings or a bracelet with faceted quartz beads and see how the light is beautifully reflected in a subtle and elegant way.

For inspiration and DIY instructions on how to make jewelry with quartz beads and other semi-precious stone beads, please visit our blog. We suggest our posts Beautiful rings, Rings with semi-precious stones and Necklaces with large gemstones.

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Quartz, also known as Crystal Quartz or Rock Crystals, is a gemstone with a rich history, an important role in jewelry production, and a deep connection to holistic properties and astrology. Therefore, we would like to give you a glimpse into the many properties that quartz holds.


The chemical composition of quartz gives it a particular versatility that allows it to be shaped and cut in many different ways. This means that crystal quartz can be found in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from raw and natural cuts to beautifully shaped crystals and polished stones that can be used in various jewelry designs.


Quartz also adds a timeless elegance to jewelry due to its classic appearance. Its neutral color makes it a versatile choice that can easily be paired with other gemstones or metals, opening up creativity and the possibility to create jewelry suitable for any occasion and style.


Furthermore, rock Crystals is believed in many cultures to possess spiritual properties. It is thought to promote clarity, balance, and harmony, symbolizing purity and positive energy. Therefore, wearing mountain crystal in the form of jewelry can have a symbolic meaning beyond its aesthetic value.


History and Origin


Quartz has a history dating back to ancient times. Many ancient civilizations, such as the Romans and Greeks, admired the stone for its clarity and beauty. In ancient Greece, Crystal quartz was considered a stone closely connected to the gods and divine insight. The Greeks believed that Quartz had a special ability to convey messages from the gods and help strengthen the connection between humans and the divine. The stone was often used in oracle practices and ceremonies where priests and priestesses used it as a tool to communicate with the supernatural.


The ancient Romans also shared a fascination for the spiritual significance of Rock Crystals. They believed that the stone contained a form of divine energy and wisdom. Quartz was often worn as amulets or incorporated into jewelry to bring protection and spiritual well-being to the wearer. In Roman culture, mountain crystal was also seen as a symbol of purity and spiritual clarity.


Quartz in Jewelry Production


Crystal Quartz holds a prominent place in the world of jewelry due to its versatility and natural beauty. The stone is known for its transparency and clarity, making it an ideal choice for crystal necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. Beautiful carvings and faceting enhance its natural structure and luster. At Smyks, you can also find a wide range of different treatments and cuts of Rock Crystal, ranging from untreated nuggets to faceted beads and clear-treated Crystal Quartz pearls.


Holistical Properties and Astrological Connection


Quartz is known for its holistic properties focusing on both physical and spiritual healing. Some of these properties include:


Clarity and Energy: Crystal Quartz is said to enhance mental clarity and stimulate energy flow. It can help remove mental blocks and increase concentration.


Amplification of Other Stones: Rock Crystal is believed to amplify the energies and properties of other stones, making it a popular choice in crystal grids and healing layouts.


Astrological Connection


Quartz is associated with the zodiac sign Aquarius and is its birthstone. Additionally, Rock Crystals are considered universal stones that can actually work with all signs. It is believed to have a harmonizing effect on all astrological energies and can help balance the different aspects of personality and life.