Freshwater Pearls & Seashells


Freshwater pearls

Genuine beautiful Asian freshwater pearls for jewelry making.
Here you find genuine pearls in various shapes like classic round, designed and asymmetric shapes and teardrops. The colour shades of the pearls range from shimmering natural white to golden, red, purple, dark blue, turquoise and pink nuances. The natural colours stretch from white, light purple to peach. Pearls with strong colours are all dyed with durable colouring.
Freshwater pearls are cultivated in live mussels for 3 to 8 years. Quality and price depends on the size and excellence of appearance, the more symmetrical and round the pearl, the more valuable it is.
Take a look at our selection of half-drilled freshwater pearls which are suitable for earstuds.
A good and low-cost alternative to freshwater pearls are shell pearls which are perfectly shaped glass beads coated with a varnish made of mother of pearl.


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