Paracord for survival bracelets

Here you find Smyks' large assortment of standard 4mm paracord type III 550 / parachute cord – plus our selection of complementing accessories and equipment for DIY braiding survival bracelets like clasps, buckle clasps, compass, needles or a fire starter. Paracord is a robust and durable synthetic weaving cord which is very well-suited for Macramé style army bracelets. The cord has got a nylon core which can be removed to make the cord flatter and thinner. Nylon cord can be sealed by melting the ends over a weak flame.

Visit Smyks' online beading thread and beading wire guide here.

What else can be done with parachute cord? Please visit our blog for inspiration and DIY guides:
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Please note: If you purchase more than one unit of paracord, we will ship the product in one uncut piece from 10-30m.



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