Tiger, falcon & ox eye

Tiger eye is a semi-precious stone that is usually a type of metamorphic rock with a golden to reddish-brown colour and silky luster. As part of the quartz group, tiger's eye and the related blue-coloured mineral called hawks's eye get their silky, shimmering appearance from the parallel intergrowth of quartz crystals and limonite.


On this page you'll find tiger eye, falcon eye and ox eye gemstones in a variety of shapes, sizes and shades. The three types of gemstones are a yellow-brown iridescent quartz stone that beautifully changes character when exposed to light.


Tiger eye beads in yellow, brown and blue. Tiger eye is a quartz gemstone with a characteristic silk luster. Its blue variant is called Hawk eye or Falcon eye as well as its reddish brown variant is called ox eye.

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Tiger Eye, Falcon Eye, and Ox Eye: The Gemstones with a Unique Gaze

Tiger eye, falcon eye, and ox eye tell stories of strength, clarity, and protection. With their shifting shades and reflective patterns, these stones have been celebrated throughout history for their connection to inner wisdom and the deep energies of the earth.


The Historical Significance of Eye Stones

These eye stones have a history marked by protection and clarity. In ancient civilizations, they were used as amulets to promote focus, protection, and inner strength. Their names - tiger eye, hawk eye, and ox eye - reflect their resemblance to the intense gaze of animals and their connection to the wisdom of animals.


Use in the Jewelry Industry and Spiritual Properties

Today, these eye stones are still used in the jewelry industry to create pieces that radiate with the energy of the earth and protection. Their shifting reflections and natural patterns make them popular choices for unique jewelry designs that exude mystique and strength.


Tiger eye is considered a stone of strength and courage. It is said to promote clarity and create a balance between inner and outer energies. Falcon eye is considered a stone of intuition and protection, strengthening the connection to intuition and promoting clarity of mind. Ox eye is associated with the energy of the earth and represents stability, determination, and earth connection.


What is the difference between tiger eye, falcon eye, and ox eye?

The three stones differ in their chemical composition and color nuances. Tiger eye is a variant of quartz and contains silicon dioxide and fiber structures that give the stone its golden shades. Falcon eye and ox eye are varieties of hawk eye, as well as other minerals, and have a darker color that changes in different lighting conditions. However, they differ in their structure, with falcon eye having more bluish hues, and ox eye being more brownish. Spiritually, they are said to represent different aspects of protection, strength, and earth connection.


Among these three eye stones, tiger eye, falcon eye, and ox eye are symbols of strength, clarity, and connection to the earth, each with its unique reflection and deep connection to the spiritual.