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DIY | Men’s bracelets

Læderarmbånd til mænd

It’s not only women who love to spruce themselves up. Men love showing individuality and personality through jewelry too – and what’s more personal than designing your own bracelet with the many leather cords and jewelry parts from

Bracelet collection for men

We have created a small collection of bracelet for the stylish gent.

Surprise your husband or boyfriend with a unique jewelry gift, or let him design his own bracelet. All the clasps and beads are in hypoallercenic steel, and below we have an example of how to add a clasp to leather.

Most of bracelets are very inexpensive material-wise and can be made for about 16 EUR. Presented in a nice gift box, it’s a stylish and simple gift for the man who has everything.

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herrearmbånd i læder

Bracelet in black and brown leather

Læderarmbånd i sort og brun læder til mænd

This bracelet in black and antque-brown leather cord is wrapped twice around the wrist. All the different kinds of leather cords are glued into the same magnetic clasp.
How many times you want the bracelet to wrap around the wrist is for you to decide, but you will need between 20 – 22cm cord per. wrap – plus the length of the clasp. After gluing one end of the clasp onto the cords, try on the bracelet to make sure the length fits.

Lædersnore og smykkelim


We have used the following materials for the bracelet above:

40cm 4mm rustic dark brown braided bolo cord
40cm 4mm black braided leather cord
40cm 3mm black round-stitched leather cord
1pc. 7mm matte black steel magnetic clasp
+ jewlery adhesive


Læderarmbånd med magnetlås

Before you glue the ends into the clasp, pull out the inner part of the clasp. Use the backside of a calliper for this, or if you do not have one, use a pair of pliers, though the calliper will make the process a lot easier and will not leave scratches on the clasp. If you don’t remove the inner part of the clasp, you risk the glue running and gluing the clasp together. The glue is put in a thin stripe alongside the inner walls of the clasp. Try avoiding putting the glue into the bottom of the clasp, as this doesn’t bind as well as if it is attached to the walls.

Læder med magnetlås

Squeeze and hold the cord ends closely together between your index finger and thumb, and push the leather cords into the clasp with a smooth screwing motion, ensuring an even glue distribution. Remove excess glue carefully without smearing it. This can be done with the corner of a piece of paper. If the glue gets on the clasp or on additional beads,  it can be removed by carefully scrubbing it with a cuetip dipped in acetone or nailpolish remover, but try not to damage the leather cord.

Læder ende på armbånd med magnetlås

Repeat the process with the other end of the leather cords. Let the bracelet dry for approx. 10 minutes.

Herrearmbånd med magnetlås i læder

Your bracelet is now done.


Wide bracelets with steel clasps

Brede herrearmbånd i læder med stor lås

The following materials have been used for this bracelet:

50cm flat braided black leather cord / leather strap 9x5mm
1 meter black rubber cord size 5mm
1 piece. frosted steel magnetic fastener 16x5mm
1 piece. glossy steel magnetic fastener 16x5mm
1 piece. shiny steel bead with 5mm hole
+ glue

Bracelets with square braided leather cord.

Brede herrearmbånd i læder med stor lås

For these bracelets we have used the following materials:

3 x 20cm black square-braided leather cord
1 pc. magnetic steel clasp
+ glue

Til det brune armbånd er der brugt følgende materialer:

20cm rose-wood square-braided leather cord
20cm undyed, natural square braided leather cord
1pc. steel bead with 8.5mm hole
1pc. magnetic steel clasp
+ glue


Læder armbånd til mænd med magnetlåse

For the 3-row bracelet you will need the following materials:

20cm rose-wood square-braided leather cord
20cm undyed / natural color square-braided leather cord (sold out)
20cm black square-braided leather cord
1 pc. wide frosted magnetic steel clasp or shiny magnetic clasp for two cords only
+ glue

These bracelets, that can be designed for both men and women, are really easy to make, all you need to do is to glue the ends into the clasp ends. If you’d like to add beads then these should be added before mounting the clasp.

Bracelet in mixed colours

Læderarmbånd i sort og brun

You’ll need the following materials to make this bracelet:

20cm 6mm flat braided light brown leather cord
20cm 4mm black braided leather cord
20cm 4mm rustic dark brown braided bolo cord
20cm 4mm flat brown leather
40cm 2mm black waxed cotton cord
1pc. square magnetic steel clasp
+ glue


Three-colourway bracelet

Læderarmbånd med tyndt lædersnor

You’ll need the following materials to make the bracelet above:

40cm 3mm light brown (undyed) leather cord
80cm 2mm rustic brown leather
40cm 2mm matte black leather cord
40cm 3mm black round-stitched leather cord
1pc. 6mm black magnetic steel clasp
+ glue


Bracelet with braided leather

Armbånd i flettet læder til mænd

To make the bracelets above, we have used the following materials:

20cm 7mm  rustic grayish black braided bolo cord
1pc. 8mm black steel bayonet clasp
20cm 6mm natural coloured leather cord
1pc. 6mm frosted hexagonal steel bayonet clasp
20cm 6mm rustic dark brown braided bolo cord
1pc. 6mm magnetic clasp with stardust ball
+ glue


Bracelet with soft round-stitched lambskin

herrearmbånd i rundtsyet lammeskind

For these bracelets you’ll need the following materials:

20cm 6mm dark gray round-stitched leather cord
20cm 6mm black round-stitched leather cord
20cm 6mm dark brown round-stitched leather cord
20cm 6mm rustic brown round-stitched leather cord
assorted 6mm steel beads
Matte 7mm magnetic steel clasps
+ glue


Bracelet in flat light brown braided leather

herrearmbånd i lysebrun flettet læder

Til dette armbånd er der brugt følgende materialer:

40cm 8mm flat brown braided leather cord
1pc. wide magnetic steel clasp
+ glue


Bracelet in black flat braided leather cord

Herrearmbånd i sort flettet læder

You will need the following materials:

20cm 9 x 5mm flat braided leather cord
1pc. 7mm frosted black steel bayonet clasp
20cm 12 x 5mm flat braided black leather cord
1pc. magnetic steel clasp
+ glue


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