Polyester & Center cords

Cord for Macrame jewelry

Polyester / nylon cord is durable and well-suited for weaving and Macrame braiding. The majority of the popular beaded and braided bracelets you currently see in the jewelry shops is made of exactly this type of cord.
Like paracord, polyester cord ends can be melted over a weak flame (for example with a lighter) to seal it and to prevent that it comes apart. If you have problems with stringing beads with smaller holes, you can soften the cord with a lighter and shape it like a needle. This will make the threading process a lot easier.
Polyester cord with a thickness of 1.5 - 2mm is most common for normal weaved bracelets for both men and women. For a more feminine look, slender cord with a thickness of only 1.2mm or less is the right choice.


Please note: If you purchase several units of cord/ribbon, we will –if possible - deliver the product in one uncut piece.


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