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DIY | Mini-Duo Daisies

Mini-Duo Daisy Earrings

We love the Danish spring! This is why in this DIY blog post we have focused on flowers - the eternal jewellery theme. The Japanese manufacturer Matubo produces the slightly overlooked, but beautiful Super-Duo and Mini-Duo beads with two holes. Their two holes make them usable for many fine and delicate jewellery designs. Camilla from had the idea to assemble them to these beautiful daily-like flowers. With a simple technique and the right thread, you can make everything from jewellery pendants and earstuds to bracelets. Mix the colours and create your own floral look.
Enjoy :-)

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Duo Bead Jewellery 1

Duo Bead Jewellery 2

We used the following jewellery components to make these earrings:

Cut off a piece of thread (approx. 25cm) ... and string 10 beads.  The thread end should be approx. 5cm long.

Sew through all the 10 beads one more time ... in order to form a circle. Tighten the thread carefully. Feel free to sew through all the beads a third time. This will make the circle even more solid.  

String the golden bead ... pull it all the way down ... and place it in the centre of the flower. Then you sew through the bead directly opposite.

Sew back through the golden bead .... 

.... and continue through the bead directly opposite ... so the two ends of the thread come out of beads lying next to each other.


Now, the two thread ends meet. Tie a double knot. 

Sew through the next 2 beads (one at a time).

After that, you thread the thread end and sew through 2 beads - into the other direction.

Cut off the thread ends. 

Finally, you fasten the daisy to the eyelet of the hoop with the help of a jumpring.


Mini-Duo Daisy Earstuds

We used the following jewellery components to make these earstuds:

Larger version with 8 petals:

Smaller version with 6 petals:

Assemble the flower as described above - but without the golden bead in the centre.

In other words, you string the desired amount of beads ... and sew through all the beads one more time in order to form a circle. Then you tie a double knot. After that, you sew the thread through a couple of beads and then you sew the tread end through a couple of beads in the opposite direction. Cut off the thread ends.

Finally, you pull the earstud through the centre of the flower.

Get inspired by the many options and try, for example, to make flowers with petals in different colours. 

Have fun :-)

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